According to a statement made by an official in the Philippines’ justice department, the country plans to deport 40,000 Chinese workers and shut down 175 illicit online casinos.

The licenses of these online casinos, which are known as Philippine offshore gaming operators or POGO in the Philippines, have been revoked by the gaming regulator, according to a statement made by Department of Justice Spokesman Jose Dominic Clavano at a briefing on Monday.

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Approximately three hundred Chinese nationals who were employed in unlawful POGOs are currently being held by the government. According to Clavano, the Department of Justice predicts that approximately 40,000 Chinese workers will need to be deported, based on a rule of thumb that states there are 200 workers for every POGO.

According to him, the authorities anticipate that they will have to deport as many as 3,000 workers by the middle of October, and they will begin making arrests at the beginning of next month.

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