The online gambling business in the Philippines is going through a major transition. The most recent development, on the other hand, appears to be an entire stride in the wrong direction because a senator has proposed completely outlawing all kinds of internet gambling.

The Majority Leader of the Senate, Joel Villanueva, is of the opinion that there is no place in this country for online gambling. As a result, he has proposed the Anti-Online Gambling Act, which would make the activity illegal and impose penalties on those who partake in it.

There is the possibility of receiving a sentence of up to six months in jail as well as a fine of up to PHP50,000 (about $8,710) Villanueva is confident that this will be successful in preventing addiction and saving lives.

It Is Declared That Online Gambling Is Immoral

Villanueva is of the opinion that participating in online gambling activities online is unethical and promotes inactivity. He asserts that the people of the Philippines do not work hard but instead “rely on a game of luck.”

There is no question that the gaming business in the Philippines is struggling with instability. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily imply that things are completely out of control.

Recent conversations have given rise to the idea that the Philippine Amusement and Gambling Corporation (PAGCOR), the government agency that oversees the gaming industry in the country and also runs casinos there, ought to have a different function. It is conceivable that it may be subdivided and a specialized and independent gaming regulator could be established as a result of this.

In addition to this, there is significant worry regarding Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGO). In spite of the fact that there are not as many of them as there were in the past, there has been a significant rise in the amount of criminal activity related to the segment.

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Online Gambling

Over the course of the weekend, PAGCOR was able to put an end to two POGOs and save a total of 140 foreign nationals. This is simply the most recent incident in a string of crimes that includes 15 kidnappings that are tied to POGO. Twelve of them were there the year before.

The candidate Villanueva is advocating for legislation that would make it illegal to gamble or place bets over the internet, as well as “engage in any sort of online gambling activity.” It already has the support of a number of legislators, including the leader of the minority party in the Senate, Aquilino Pimentel III.

It is possible that additional political figures will shortly join the effort. Senator Grace Paul has brought attention to POGOs, and Senator Ronald dela Rosa is now compiling data for a research on the activity of POGOs. Before expressing his viewpoint, Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri is keeping a close eye on the situation and awaiting the findings of the study.

Avoid POGOs at all costs

The illegal operations of a small number of individuals are not reflective of the online gambling business as a whole. However, other people believe that making it illegal to gamble online is a harsh answer to the problem. The findings of the research have demonstrated that the legalization of online gambling results in an increase in tax income and enables governments to provide improved safeguards for consumers.

POGOs, or pay-on-going obligations, are at the center of the controversy in the Philippines. These contracts were once extremely lucrative in the country. Now, though, the few that are left are making it increasingly unlikely that anyone will survive.

The Chinese government exerted pressure on the Philippines in an effort to get them to outlaw POGOs, but Philippine officials refused to budge since the PHP7.18 billion (US$149.3 million) in income that these games generated was too lucrative to ignore.

However, when the nation tried to squeeze even more money out of the market, the operators resisted and began to exit the country. This prevented the Philippines from receiving approximately PHP1.365 billion, which is equivalent to US$27 million.

It is anticipated that stricter regulations will be implemented in the Philippines now that Cambodian online gaming businesses are using playbooks similar to those used in Cambodia. PAGCOR is initiating a hard-core drive, in collaboration with other law enforcement authorities, to eliminate any illicit enterprises that may exist. If Villanueva’s bill is successful in passing muster, there will be a significant amount of further work to complete.

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