After getting kicked out of operations twice in the previous five years, the group of Japanese gaming entrepreneur Kazuo Okada is relying on eventually reclaiming the $2 billion Okada Manila casino.

A recent resolution from the Department of Justice (DOJ) proposing the filing of grave coercion against Kazuo Okada’s camp exacerbated to their legal troubles; nevertheless, the group’s new spokesman, lawyer Rico Paolo Quicho, stated that the group will “completely question” the indictment.

He stated this during a media briefing that took place at a restaurant in Makati City on Monday. “The Kazuo Okada group, notably [chair] Kazuo Okada, is unfazed by this little setback as there are sufficient legal remedies to question and reverse the alleged erroneous decision by the Department of Justice proposing the charge of grave coercion,” he added.

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Kazuo Okada

Following the violent seizure of the Manila Bay casino complex on May 31, headed by Okada’s local ally, billionaire Antonio Cojuangco, the Department of Justice has issued a recommendation in response.

The subsequent reversal of that takeover occurred in September of last year and was supported by the gambling regulator known as the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.

As part of a larger worldwide court struggle that Okada was conducting against his family for control of the enormous corporate empire, Quicho stated on Thursday that they were optimistic that they would once again reclaim control of Okada Manila.

In his words, “we have no choice except to pay deference to whatever decision the Supreme Court might make on the issue.”

“Let us not lose our attention [on] the fact that Mr. Kazuo Okada was the one who founded Okada Manila,” “And he is hell-bent on continuing and making sure that his vision, that his investment in the Philippines, will continue to develop,” Quicho added. “He is hell-bent on continuing and making sure that his vision, that his investment in the Philippines, will continue to grow.”

Quicho stated that additional lawsuits relating to the takeover on May 31 that had been brought by Okada’s estranged family had been dismissed by several local courts as well as the Department of Justice.

In this context, “this” refers to the case of falsification that was brought before the courts in Paranaque and Makati, as well as the cases of kidnapping and significant illegal imprisonment, direct assault, unfair vexation, and mild physical injuries that were brought before the Department of Justice.

In August of 2018, the Supreme Court upheld a status quo decision, which instructed petitioners and respondents to return to a condition of affairs that had existed previously, prior to Okada’s dismissal in 2017.

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